A truly global perspective with multi-dimensional stake holder management approach. We offer our services to negotiate contracts for any potential buyer or supplier and also provide first hand market intelligence and insight to our foreign principals.

  1. We specialize in land forces equipment including vehicles (tracked, armoured and wheeled).
  2. Troops survival equipment.
  3. NBCW equipment / clothing.
  4. Infantry weapons systems and ammunition.
  5. Thermal imaging night vision sights/devices and optical sights.
  6. Snow line, high altitude and mountain warfare equipment.
  7. Mountaineering, rescue and survival equipment.
  8. Breathing equipment and portable oxygen cylinders.
  9. Oxygen solutions for air traffic, air rescue, high altitude, air sports and water rescue.
  10. Ballistic materials.
  11. Surveillance radars.
  12. Hover crafts and port dredging equipment.
  13. Aviation spares and backup services.
  14. Naval weapon systems and radars.
  15. Test measuring and diagnostic equipment.
  16. Up gradation,maintenance/repair facilities and uninterrupted back up services/support.
  17. Fabrication / development works.
  18. Conduct marketing / publicity campaigns.
  19. Negotiate TOT contracts.
  20. Training, coordination / liaison between local and foreign training facilities.
  21. Organize, coordinate and conduct visits of foreign delegations / principals to Armed forces / Civil Armed forces including visit plan security clearance with reception and accommodation.